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SIRKit is an award-winning Security First Managed IT Services company that wants to help you protect your business.

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What's the catch?

There honestly isn't one. SIRKit has been passionately protecting businesses around Canada for 16 years. As part of our ongoing commitment, we believe helping businesses identify vulnerabilities is crucial. Our intent with this complimentary penetration test is twofold: first, to assist you in strengthening your cybersecurity measures by exposing weaknesses that cybercriminals could potentially exploit. Second, to introduce ourselves and the expertise we bring.

After the results are presented, if you'd like to address the issues on your own, you're welcome to! Alternatively, if you're interested in having SIRKit address them, we can certainly talk more about our services. Either way, you will be provided a copy of the report after the results meeting and then proceed accordingly.

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What is the process?

It's important that a dedicated person from your team is available to assist us throughout the process. It will not be possible to thoroughly perform checks without them.

  • Submit a request to begin the penetration test
  • Review and fill out the necessary paperwork sent back by SIRKit
  • SIRKit will schedule and host an introductory security discovery session
  • SIRKit will conduct an internal and external penetration test
  • A report will be prepared (takes approximately 3-5 days)
  • SIRKit will schedule and host a results meeting with your team to review gaps and offer advice
  • A copy of the report will then be provided to your team for consideration
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What are the conditions?

To be eligible for this test, your business must meet the following conditions:

  • Your business must have at least 20 computers owned by the same company (no personally owned equipment permitted)
  • SIRKit must be permitted to complete device and network scans on 5-10 computers (requires a security compliance tool to be run on each computer)
  • SIRKit must be permitted to complete external (internet) scanning of your firewall(s) (to test them for vulnerabilities)
  • A representative from your team must provide answers to a number of essential security posture questions (we'll guide you through them)
  • Your team must be responsive and attend all scheduled events to receive the report
  • Your team must keep the report confidential (the report contains sensitive information about your security posture)
  • You must permit SIRKit to delete all report-related data from our systems within 30 days
  • Your team must accept the Penetration Test Agreement (we'll send it over)

Why a Penetration Test matters.

In today’s digital world, cybersecurity is crucial. How sure are you that your business is safe? Our free penetration test for businesses with 20+ computers will help you expose vulnerabilities and learn how to address them.

Is your IT Partner doing enough?

Use our free pen test to ensure your IT partner is following best practices to keep your business safe. It’s not about blame, it’s about making sure your defences are strong.

Small business? Are you really a target?

The size of your business honestly doesn't matter. Mediocre hackers target low-hanging fruit. We'll help you confirm if you're following several best practices.

Not where to start? We'll help you! 

This test will help educate you on what your next steps should be. This will provide a baseline to work from.

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