Your outsourced IT department offering dedicated teams that proactively monitor, maintain, support, manage and protect your computers, network, servers, cloud and more. 

Managed IT Services

Protect your business with managed IT services

Reactive IT is risky. Businesses should now have their systems monitored, maintained, supported, and frequently checked against best-practices to avoid unnecessary risk. Waiting for systems to fail or assuming you are safe can cost you big time. Work with the pros for top-notch managed IT services - for teams of 10 and up.

24/7 Monitoring

Real-time server, network, and computer monitoring that keep your team safe and productive

Preventative Maintenance

On-going updates, checks, and optimizations that provide the best security and stability.

Asset Management

We track and inventory computers, servers, network devices and licensing in real-time.

Ransomware, malware, and antivirus protection

Endpoint and server protection with integrated behavioral analysis and artificial intelligence.

Next-Gen Security

Benefit from IPS (Intrusion Prevention), ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) Application Control, and Web-Filtering technologies.

Zero-Trust & Security First

On-going compliance checks against hundreds of industry best-practices from the NIST and CIS security standards.

Server & Microsoft 365 Backups

Automated local and offsite backups featuring AES-256-bit encryption.

Documentation & Reporting

We create detailed and unparalleled documentation, backed by powerful reporting tools, for everything on your network.

Dedicated vCIO

A vCIO focused solely on protecting the business, advancing your systems, finding efficiencies, and maintaining a long-term technology plan.

Priority Helpdesk

Experienced and passionate technicians available to help by phone or e-mail. 24-hours a day.

Hardware Supply

Thousands of products from major vendors delivered right to your door.


This calculator is for estimations only and assumes each of your locations has a typical small-business infrastructure (eg. 1 server, 1 firewall, etc.). Please contact us if you would like to learn more and get a confirmed price.  

We do offer services to medium and large businesses, please contact us to speak directly with our enterprise team. 

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A picture depicting managed IT services

Security First!

Your information needs protection. Did you know:

  • Nearly 1-in-5 business polled were affected by a cyberattack or data breach in the last 2 years
  • Canadian small businesses suffering a breach were down for an average of 59 hours at a cost of $1.1 million (2018)

Security is foundational:

  • Regular compliance checks (NIST and CIS benchmarks)
  • 24/7 monitoring, alerting, and automation
  • Next-gen security (inbound, outbound, lateral)
  • Disk encryption to protect against theft or loss
  • Zero-day vulnerability rapid remediation team
  • Security updates (PCs, servers, and network devices)
  • Vendor/platform vetting (let us grill them for you)
  • Monitored antivirus, malware, and ransomware protection

Truly proactive managed IT services

Having a hard time planning or keeping up? Our managed IT services include a dedicated Proactive Team featuring a vCIO and Compliance Analyst, focused solely on protecting the business, advancing your systems, finding efficiencies, and maintaining a long-term multi-year technology plan that will help anticipate and budget for projects.

  • Extensive upfront IT audit (with onboarding)
  • 350+ on-going compliance checks (and growing!)
  • NIST and CIS security benchmark best-practices
  • Strategic business reviews
  • Multi-year technology plan w/ anticipated project costs
  • Vendor vetting and liaison (let us protect you)
  • Budgeting, forecasting, and technical expertise
A picture depicting managed it services
An image depicting managed IT services

Increase revenue with Managed IT Services

Managed IT services can save your business money and potentially increase revenue by reducing employee and operating costs, as well as downtime. If a computer is broken or suffers performance issues that impact the user for one minute per-hour throughout the year:

  • 8 minutes per day = 40 minutes a week = 35 hours per year
  • ~$5,250 revenue lost per year assuming your hourly rate is $150

Managed IT can generate more revenue than it costs:

  • If an MSP bills out at $150 per user per month, the cost per user is ~$1,800 a year
  • If that $1,800 prevents $5,250 of impact, the result is a surplus of $3,450 per year per employee

Trust and accountability

Managed IT clients receive our highest level of attention and lowest response times, we aggressively track and analyze all requests.

  • Remote, on-site, and telephone support
  • Advanced ticketing system
  • Guaranteed SLA (service level agreements)
  • Highest priority, fastest response times
  • Dedicated helpdesk team
  • Priority escalations to Level-2 and Level-3 techs
  • Dashboards, reporting, and analytics
  • CSAT surveys
A picture depicting managed IT services

What else is included?

Keeping track of your digital assets can be challenging and time-consuming. We take care of it.

Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft Partner, we manage your month-to-month subscriptions for software and services. Microsoft 365 includes the latest versions, powerful cloud services, and excellent security to protect your business. Not on Microsoft 365 yet? No problem, we've helped hundreds of businesses move.


Expired licenses or services can knock your team offline or prevent clients from accessing your critical services. We manage warranties, domains, SSL certifications, and more.

Licensing Audits & Compliance

Vendors like Microsoft and VMWare now perform licensing audits every 2-3 years. Are you prepared? Are you compliant? We help clients stay up-to-date by reviewing your licensing and working directly with vendors when you are audited.

Making IT Easy®

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