Managed IT Services

A fully or partially outsourced IT department offering specialized teams that proactively monitor, maintain, support, manage and protect your computers, network, servers, cloud and more. 

Protect your business with Managed IT Services
Ranked #2 in Canada on MSP 501(2022)

SIRKit is a recognized award-winning Managed IT Services provider, focused on protecting businesses. Our services are designed for teams with 15-500 employees and immediately enhance your IT department.

Tired of your MSP sending surprise bills? Are they always asking you to add more services?

Our Gold Support Plan includes pretty much everything you need. Surprises suck!

Premium Helpdesk

24/7/365 support from skilled Level-2 and Level-3 technicians for computer, server, and network issues, guaranteed by SLAs.

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting

Enjoy peace of mind with continuous device monitoring, ensuring the optimal performance and security of your technology around the clock.

Microsoft 365 Multi-Factor Authentication

We'll ensure MFA is used throughout your team to prevent unauthorized access.

CrowdStrike Endpoint Security

Secure your systems with Crowdstrike's Endpoint Protection, which achieved a 100% detection rate in 2023 utilizing AI and behavioral analysis against viruses, malware, and ransomware.

CrowdStrike Endpoint EDR

Enhance your security with top-tier Endpoint Detection and Response, ensuring swift identification of threats.

CrowdStrike 24/7 SOC (Security Overwatch Service from CrowdStrike)

Experience peace of mind with around-the-clock security monitoring, safeguarding your business from potential risks.

Security Penetration Testing

Annual testing to identify and fortify vulnerabilities in your security posture.

Bitlocker Drive Encryption

Robust monitored disk encryption to secure your data at rest against unauthorized loss and theft.

Cloudflare DNS Security

Enhanced DNS filtering to protect your network from malicious sites and content.

Phishing Defense Testing

Weekly, year-round phishing tests with over 70 campaigns to bolster your defenses against deceptive attacks.

Dark Web Monitoring

Proactive scanning of the dark web to detect if your information is being traded or sold

Staff Training University

Access to a range of training modules on cybersecurity and Microsoft 365 to enhance staff knowledge and skills.

Strategic vCIO Services

Your very own vCIO focused solely on protecting the business, advancing your systems, finding efficiencies, and maintaining a multi-year project roadmap.

Compliance Assurance Analyst

Continuous year-round checks to advance your systems and mitigate risks, ensuring your compliance with industry standards.

Multi-Year Project Roadmap

A living breathing strategic planning aid for budgeting and project trajectories that is maintained regularly by your CA and vCIO.

Critical Infrastructure Maintenance

Regular updates to BIOS/firmware for critical infrastructure like switches, firewalls and wireless systems, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Windows Patching

Regular updates for your servers and PCs to keep your Windows environment secure and efficient.

Microsoft 365 Comprehensive Backups

Secure backups for Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and email, ensuring your data's safety and availability.


This calculator is for estimations only and assumes each of your locations has a typical small-business infrastructure (eg. 1 server, 1 firewall, etc.). Please contact us if you would like to learn more and get a confirmed price.  

We do offer services to medium and large businesses, please contact us to speak directly with our enterprise team. 

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Security First

  • 24/7 monitoring, alerting, and automation
  • Monitored ransomware, antivirus and malware protection
  • Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection (checks links, attachments)
  • Microsoft 365 Backups (E-mail, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive)
  • Third-party app (daily), Windows and Microsoft 365 updates
  • Infrastructure patching (firmware, bios, OS)
  • Zero-day vulnerability rapid remediation team
  • Disk encryption monitoring (privacy breach protection)
  • Microsoft SecureScore Monitoring
  • Multi-Factor authentication for all platforms that support it
  • Year-Round compliance checks (NIST and CIS benchmarks)
  • Next-gen Firewalls (Intrusion Pevention, Application Control, ATP, etc.)
  • Vendor/platform vetting (let us grill them for you)
  • Phishing Testing and Employee Training
  • Employee onboarding/offboarding checklists
  • Cyber-Security Insurance Review


Effective Network Architecture and Business-Level Empowerment, or E.N.A.B.L.E, led SIRKit to be an award-winning Managed IT Services company, setting us apart from conventional MSPs. Unlike typical IT companies, which often focus solely on routine support and sales, we at SIRKit believe in delivering comprehensive solutions that go beyond just fixing day-to-day issues.

Our Distinct Approach:

  • Proactive and Comprehensive Support Plan: Our support plan is inclusive, covering critical roles, specialized teams, strategic planning, and expertise typically found in large IT departments of major organizations.
  • Dedicated Proactive Team: Clients benefit from a team featuring a vCIO and Compliance Analyst, dedicated to advancing systems, identifying inefficiencies, reducing support calls, and maintaining long-term, multi-year technology plans.
  • Strategic Business Reviews: Regular reviews hosted by your vCIO ensure that your business’s IT strategy is aligned with your goals and is continually optimized.

Onboarding Excellence:

We invest in you by covering a mandatory IT audit/assessment and a computer/network penetration test, performed in collaboration with our security partner—all at no extra cost to you. This allows us to identify issues, begin building a project roadmap, build documentation, and be prepared to begin support your team on day 1.

Post-Onboarding Assurance:

  • Ongoing Compliance Checks: Over 300 year-round checks, adapting and growing with industry evolution.
  • Annual Security Assessments: Regular computer/network penetration tests and site visits ensure the continual integrity of your systems.
  • Multi-Year Technology Planning: We maintain a forward-looking technology plan, inclusive of project costs, allowing you to enjoy a seamless IT experience with no surprises.

Why E.N.A.B.L.E?

E.N.A.B.L.E is not just a service; it’s a commitment to excellence, a pledge to proactively protect your business, and a promise to provide a seamless, surprise-free IT experience. With E.N.A.B.L.E, you’re not just getting IT support; you’re gaining a strategic partner dedicated to empowering your business through technology. Discover a world where technology is not just managed but is strategically aligned to elevate your business. Welcome to a journey where surprises are eliminated, and excellence is a constant. Welcome to E.N.A.B.L.E by SIRKit.



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Minimize Downtime; Maximize Productivity

We share your vision of a workspace where teams are productive, not plagued by constant technology disruptions. Properly configured technology is a catalyst for productivity and a driver of revenue growth. As a premier MSP, we empower our partners with robust and efficient systems, achieved through meticulous data analysis, comprehensive year-round compliance checks, and regular consultations to pinpoint and alleviate pain points. Our proactive approach ensures that your team can concentrate on pivotal tasks, fostering an environment where technology is a seamless enabler, not a hindrance. Experience the tranquility of a workspace where support calls are the exception, not the norm, and where your team can truly thrive.

Customer Portal

Clients are provided access to a modern web portal that allows executives or staff access a number of online services.

  • Review and edit Helpdesk tickets
  • Device information (security, config, performance, etc.)
  • Microsoft 365 service status
  • Microsoft 365 licensing summary
  • Online training courses (Cyber-Security, Office 365, etc.)
  • Software inventory (per computer, per user, etc.)
  • SIRKit Compliance Reports and Project Roadmap
  • Past/Current Invoices, Quotes, Agreements
  • Submit Tickets, Order Equipment
  • Microsoft Teams Integration (coming soon)
  • CSAT surveys
A picture depicting managed IT services

Comprehensive Digital Asset Management:

Navigating the intricate landscape of digital assets can be daunting and labor-intensive. With SIRKit, you gain more than just asset management; you acquire a partner dedicated to optimizing your digital environment. We go above and beyond to ensure your licenses are compliant, your subscriptions are value-oriented, and your digital assets are managed proficiently. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your digital landscape is in expert hands, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.

Office/Microsoft 365 Management

As a recognized Microsoft Partner, we manage your monthly and annual subscriptions, ensuring your team has access to the tools they need when they need them. Our in-house Microsoft specialists regularly review licenses, guaranteeing you utilize the right products to optimize value and reduce costs. If you’re not on Microsoft 365 yet, we facilitate a smooth migration, aligning your team with industry-leading solutions.

Diverse License Management

Our value-added services extend to managing licenses from Microsoft, Adobe, Bluebeam, and more, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters. We ensure that your subscriptions are tailored to your needs, documented meticulously, and managed efficiently, eliminating any hassle on your end.

Licensing Audits & Compliance Assurance

Vendors such as Microsoft and VMWare conduct audits every 2-3 years. Are you audit-ready? Is your licensing compliant? Our team of licensing connoisseurs represents your interests during audits and regularly reviews licenses for compliance, mitigating risks and ensuring seamless operations.

Making IT Easy®

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