SIRKit360® Virtual Servers Canada

Private cloud-based virtual server hosting in Canada

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AMD® Gen 3 Epyc processors and lightning-fast NVMe disks

Choose from Windows, Linux, or Unix operating systems. Your VMs reside in a private network, shielded by a dedicated state-of-the-art Next-Gen firewall.

Data Center Assurance

Backed by data centers featuring Tier III UICDB, PCI DSS, SOC1, SOC2 and other certifications, our systems are protected by backup generators, 24/7 monitoring, power conditioning, security guards, and physical multi-factor authentication.

Exceptionally Fast and Scalable

Virtual servers offer lightning-fast HPE NVMe storage, 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors, and 10gbps virtual connectivity. SIRKit360® offers resource flexibility, allowing your team to increase or decrease resources as your needs change.

Next-Gen Firewall

Virtual server tenants are protected by a dedicated Next-Gen firewall with VPN options for secure remote access. Need extra security? Activate Next-Gen security features like IPS (Intrusion Prevention), ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) and Application Control.

99.9% uptime guarantee

We guarantee SIRKit360®'s uptime by offering a 99.9% uptime SLA backed by rebates. Experience robust enterprise infrastructure and continuous access to your systems 24/7/365.

N+1 Redundancy

To ensure the continuous operation of your virtual servers, SIRKit360® is designed for uptime, incorporating redundant computing, storage, network, cooling, and power infrastructure all in a Tier III data center.

Please contact us for volume pricing if you require multiple virtual servers or a large capacity of resources (CPU, RAM, Storage).

Base package includes

- 2 x Intel Xeon vCPU
- 4GB RAM/Memory
- 60GB Disk/Storage
- 1 x Private VLAN (255 IPs)
- 1 x Sophos Virtual Firewall 
- 1 x External IPV4 IP

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Enterprise-Level Virtual Server Hosting in Canada

At SIRKit, we go beyond standard Virtual Private Server (VPS) services and basic server rentals. Our SIRKit360® Virtual Servers stand out, powered by an advanced enterprise virtualization infrastructure meticulously designed for unparalleled uptime and high performance.

  • Experience rapid data access and durability with our HPE® Alletra All-Flash NVMe Storage.
  • Benefit from the sheer processing power and efficiency of our HPE® Compute featuring AMD® Gen3 Epyc Processors, optimized for the most demanding workloads.
  • Enjoy seamless connectivity and high-speed data transfer rates, thanks to our HPE® Networking with a 40gbps+ backbone.
  • Redundant BGP internet connectivity ensures you remain connected with a fail-safe online presence.
  • Rest easy with our HA (High-availability) & fail-over systems, designed to guarantee maximum uptime.
  • Even during prolonged power disruptions, Backup generators ensure your servers remain operational.
  • From manned security details to advanced power systems, our facilities prioritize security and optimal conditions, including Security guards, power conditioning, and redundant cooling.
  • Enjoys enhanced security and isolation with a dedicated VLAN, which is protected by a private firewall.
  • With our 24/7 Monitoring, our vigilant team is always on the lookout, ensuring swift responses to any anomalies or issues.
Explore enterprise-level virtual server hosting solutions in Canada for optimal performance and reliability.
A picture depicting an IT consultantAccess comprehensive Microsoft platform licensing solutions through SIRKit. Whether you bring your own licensing or prefer integration into monthly expenses, we've got you covered.

Microsoft Licensing with Flexibility at its Core

With SIRKit360®, we put the power of choice in your hands. Whether you're bringing your own licensing or prefer to integrate it into your monthly expenses, we've got you covered.

  • Opt for the operating system that suits your needs, be it Windows Server 2016, 2019, or 2022 in either Standard or Datacenter editions.
  • If you lean towards open-source solutions, we support a range of platforms including Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and more.
  • Enhance your remote work capabilities with Windows Remote Desktop Services.
  • For database management, choose from options like Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or 2019.
  • Rest assured, the majority of Microsoft platforms can be licensed through SIRKit, offering you a comprehensive and cost-effective licensing solution.


Comprehensive Backup Solutions for Your SIRKit360® Virtual Servers

Bundle local and offsite backups to protect your SIRKit360® Virtual Servers. Trust in SIRKit's commitment to data protection, offering you peace of mind with our robust backup solutions.

  • Opt for a combination of Local & Offsite Backups to ensure maximum protection for your virtual servers.
  • Benefit from our Automated Daily+ Backup Schedule, ensuring regular and timely data backups.
  • Your data's security is paramount, safeguarded by robust AES-256 Bit Encryption.
  • Experience our system's ease; no software is needed as backups are executed at the hypervisor level.
  • Our backups are Image-based, capturing the entirety of your server for a holistic backup solution.
  • With our Centralized Services Team monitoring 24/7, you can be assured of constant oversight and prompt responses.
  • Whether you need individual files or a complete server, both File and Full-Server restores are readily available.
Ensure the safety of your SIRKit360® Virtual Servers with our comprehensive backup solutions. Benefit from bundled local and offsite backups, reinforcing data protection and providing peace of mind through SIRKit's commitment to robust backup solutions.
At SIRKit, we prioritize Resource Monitoring for optimal system performance. Receive insights and recommendations for adjusting resources to suit your needs, ensuring your systems always operate at their best

Proactive Resource Monitoring

At SIRKit, we prioritize Resource Monitoring to ensure your systems always operate at their best.

  • Get insights and recommendations to increase, decrease, or modify resources to best suit your needs.
  • Recognizing that both oversubscribed and undersubscribed resources can influence performance and cost, we remain vigilant to prevent any adverse impacts.
  • Our monitoring encompasses CPU Monitoring, focusing on metrics like vCPU Ready Time, CoStop, and the MHz/GHz utilized.
  • We also emphasize Memory Monitoring, tracking aspects like Actively Used memory and Disk Swapping.
  • Ensuring smooth operations, we keep a close eye on Storage Monitoring, particularly focusing on Latency.



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