Our History As An IT Solution Provider

Like many successful businesses, we started in a basement.

Upholding our founding principles for over 15 years

Founded in 2007, SIRKit® remains unwavering in its commitment to proactive, security-first solutions that protect businesses. Our mission is clear: To build long-term relationships, protect, and empower our partners.

We want to be the last IT partner you ever have.

Fun Facts

We started in a basement

Much like other start-ups, we began our journey from home and rapidly expanded to a team of 35.

Fourth location

We now reside in a stunning 9,600 sq ft office located in Edmonton.

Growth by referral

For the majority of our 16-year journey, our growth has been fueled solely by the referrals of our satisfied clients.

Our Journey

SIRKit Ltd. was founded in 2007 by Kris Wilkinson, who began this journey out of his basement with a passion for cyber security, cloud and simple solutions. The company experienced swift growth in Yellowknife, NWT and Edmonton, AB, primarily due to a strong referral base. In May 2011, we opened our first office location, which included space for 2-3 people.

In 2010, we were pioneers in launching SIRKit360, a service offering Hosted Microsoft Exchange(e-mail), Microsoft Lync, Microsoft SharePoint, websites, and DNS, even before the inception of Office 365. This innovative step showcased our foresight in the IT domain, supporting several thousand users and establishing us as frontrunners in the field. Our services then evolved to include virtual servers and offsite backups, maintaining an impeccable record with no major outages for almost 13 years.

Our Proactive Care compliance process for Managed IT Services was also initiated in the same year. This process was revolutionary and included a mandatory onboarding audit/assessment and year-round compliance checks for managed clients, offering a much deeper engagement than most and setting us apart from the competition. This comprehensive approach has been a major differentiator for SIRKit, ensuring the continual advancement and security of client systems. This process has since matured into an entire department of vCIOs and CAs, offering even more support on the strategic side and providing enhanced strategic support to our clients.

In 2013, we welcomed Shiraz Patel as a Level-3 Architect. His significant contributions led him to become a partner a few years later, and he continues to be a vital part of our organization. For the next few years, we experienced substantial growth, quickly outgrowing 2 more locations. Our services were refined numerous times to better meet our clients' needs.

In 2015, we shifted from hourly blocks to offering per-device managed IT subscriptions and started offering a comprehensive bundle, taking care of almost everything for our clients and minimizing surprises. This included unlimited helpdesk, maintenance, monitoring and more security services. We continually upgraded our plans as the landscape changed to protect our clients.

In 2019, we designed and moved into a brand new 6600-square-foot office, anticipating the need for a larger space due to our continuous growth.

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we were fully prepared, having proactively designed our systems to enable our team to work remotely without impacting day-to-day customer service or support. Our proactive approach was mirrored at client locations years beforehand, allowing them to remain operational with little to no impact on their remote working teams.

During the same period, we restructured our team, processes and offerings, using EOS and TruMethods, to scale even further while not compromising quality of service. We're certainly happy we did because our team almost doubled in size over the next two years.

SIRKit has been recognized with multiple awards, including winning #2 in Canada on MSP501 in 2022, winning a top spot in Canada again in 2023, receiving the Best Managed IT Services Company award from Acquisition International in 2022, and recently being recognized by MSP500 as a Leading Innovator 2024. These accolades reflect our commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of providing unparalleled Security-First IT solutions.

Our journey from starting in a basement to building a significant presence in the IT sector, fueled by our commitment to top-quality support, innovation, and providing outstanding IT outsourcing services to our clients, is a testament to our growth and success.

We are pumped for the future and will continue our journey to protect and serve our clients with innovative solutions and exceptional customer service. We look forward to continuing to provide expert IT solutions.

SIRKit's History of providing IT outsourcing services to clients for over 15 years.

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