Best Managed IT Services Provider - Alberta - 2022

Best Managed IT Services Provider – Alberta 2022

We’re extremely excited to announce that SIRKit has been awarded Best Managed IT Services Provider – Alberta 2022 by Acquisition International. The Global Excellence award recognizes businesses with a demonstrated commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, achievement, and performance. More importantly, it confirms that although we continue to grow, the entire team remains accountable to our partners. …

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Microsoft Edge

Why We Recommend Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s latest browser, has met with skepticism from end-users. And with good reason- Internet Explorer was one of the lowest-performing browsers for a long time. Thankfully, Microsoft listened to feedback and released a new and improved browser. As a result, Microsoft Edge is one of the most secure, feature-packed, and lightweight browsers available. …

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Update on Semiconductor Shortage

What’s the current status of the semiconductor shortage?  Unfortunately, it seems as though the shortage of semiconductors will continue onwards – perhaps as far as 2023. However, there is a possibility that the shortage could be addressed sooner. Companies such as Marvell Technology have invested billions in opening new factories. The shortage will likely continue into the short-term future until these factories are built.   …

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What is Smishing?

Received any suspicious texts lately? Smishing is the practice of sending fraudulent text messages claiming to be someone else (usually a company). This is another type of phishing. Smishing scams tend to target mass groups rather than specific individuals like office workers or executives. With smishing messages on the rise, it’s become increasingly important to …

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