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What is Multi-Factor Authentication, and Why Is It So Important?

As a team responsible for protecting thousands of users around Canada, we want to make it very clear that if you are not already using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect your business and yourself, you absolutely need to do so right away. Clients often ask us if MFA is truly necessary, and the answer is … Read more

Why You Need Managed IT Services

Technology is advancing at unprecedented rates. Staying current, protected, and leveraging technology to help your team reach its full potential truly requires expertise and continuous improvement. All businesses should now have their systems monitored, maintained, automated, and frequently checked against best practices to avoid falling behind and exposing the business to unnecessary risk. As a business leader, you need to focus … Read more

Office 365’s Backup Misconception

Your Office 365 data may be at risk. Here’s the problem. Microsoft has incredible Data Centers with loads of horsepower and built-in redundancies to protect your real-time information. With features like redundant storage arrays, highly available connectivity, backup generators, and exceptional security, your data is stored in one of the safest locations on the planet. … Read more

Why Good IT Employees Are Hard To Find – and What to Do About it

While technology and digital transformation do make businesses more efficient; they require ongoing attention. There is no “set it and forget it”. When there is a lack of attention and expertise, opportunities can turn into threats and strengths can become weaknesses. Unfortunately, hiring great IT professionals can be challenging. Sifting through hundreds of resumes and … Read more

Global Computer Chip Shortages

SIRKit is sending out this communication to advise our clients about a severe global computer chip shortage that is now directly impacting product availability. If you require new PCs, Servers, or electronics in general, delivery times are impacted. You should expect delays of up to 12+ weeks on certain products. Silicon chips are used in … Read more

What to Look for in an IT Company

Deciding on a managed services provider can be difficult. Here’s how to pick the best IT company for your business. So, you’re searching for an IT company – specifically, a managed services provider. Perhaps you’ve struggled with downtime. Perhaps you have outgrown your existing tech expert. Or perhaps you recently suffered a data breach- which, … Read more

Why You Need Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is no longer optional for any business. Read on to find out what you can do to increase cybersecurity for your business. Cybersecurity is a hot topic for businesses in the modern age. Everyone is talking about it, and yet, many businesses lack sufficient protection. It’s often overlooked because they feel their business is … Read more

Tech Talent Shortage in Canada and Why Businesses Are Turning to Outside IT Support

Like the looming oil and gas issues in Canada, there’s a different kind of crisis that is costing Canadian companies hundreds of thousands of dollars or more per year – tech talent. TechVibes reports that 2019 is the year that our country’s tech talent shortage will manifest itself across all levels of business. Studies find that local … Read more

Managed IT Services for Non-Profits

It’s pleasing for us to say that in one part of our practice, SIRKit is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for non-profits, including government bodies and charitable organizations. Securing managed IT services has become extremely important for non-profits in Canada, as they blend more digital technologies into their daily operations. Given that not all MSPs … Read more

The Importance of Offsite Backups for SMBs

By definition, an offsite backup is a method of digital data backup involving the use of a remote location as a means of securing data in the event of a disaster. Modern data backup employs the cloud, where a data copy is sent over a network to an offsite server. While a large enterprise may … Read more

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