SIRKit hits incredible 99.7% CSAT score

Kris WilkinsonFebruary 16, 2023

We challenged our team to maintain an average CSAT score above 95% for an entire year. If you’re unfamiliar, CSAT is a customer satisfaction score. In our case, we ask clients to rate the support experience after each helpdesk ticket. The incoming data feeds the CSAT service, which impacts the overall score.

For reference, CSAT average scores range from 65-80%:

CSAT Scores

A good CSAT score typically lands between 75-85%. However, it’s important to note that scores vary by industry. At 75%, 3 out of 4 customers submitted a positive rating.

We encourage failure because it’s a natural part of the learning process, but you need to know when issues take place to learn from them. You also need a baseline or progress tracking to understand if you’re improving. A real-time CSAT service offers both. Thankfully, our clients rock and provide feedback regularly. We post legitimate client CSAT responses on our landing page in real-time (here are the latest 6 as of Feb 17, 2023):

CSAT Feedback

Check out more real-time CSAT responses on our main page.

Here are our CSAT results for our last 3 months:


Here are our CSAT results for our last 12 months:


The team did outstanding. Their ongoing efforts continue to demonstrate why SIRKit has retained over 90% of our Managed IT clients for 15 years. Maintaining a CSAT score above 98% is an incredible achievement, and we’re very proud of the team.

Here are several other statistics we pulled:

  • Average telephone wait time for our helpdesk: 36 seconds
  • 210555 tickets were opened in the last 365 days

SIRKit is a Security First value-based MSP that does not expose our partners to unnecessary risk and stands behind the quality of our services by monitoring feedback. While others battle on price, don’t care about feedback, and land as many clients as possible, we differentiate ourselves by remaining focused on quality, protection, transparency and doing it right. If you’re looking for serious protection and a long-term partnership, SIRKit is your team.

Check out our Managed IT Services and reach out anytime if you’re interested in chatting.