Free Cyber-Security Assessment Tool for Business

Kris WilkinsonNovember 18, 2022

Small businesses are three times more likely to be targeted. Understanding if you have enough cyber-security to protect your business can be challenging and stressful. No network or system will ever be 100% secure; however, all companies, regardless of size, introduce a significant amount of protection if they implement the fundamentals.

The most important statistics about cyber-security are that 95 percent of all breaches are caused by human error, and 60 percent of companies go out of business following a cyber attack. Humans, by nature, cause problems. Start your cyber-security journey now by using our simple assessment tool to review the fundamentals.

After you receive the results, put a plan together and chip away at them. It may take several months to implement everything, depending on your current position. Remember, cyber-security is never done; you cannot set it and forget it. The landscape constantly changes, so you need to set aside a reasonable annual budget.

The Cyber-Security Assessment Tool

The questions presented in the assessment are consistent with recent cyber-security insurance application forms and numerous security frameworks.

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