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COVID-19 Client Update - Managed IT Services

Posted 16 Mar 2020 in IT Security & Advisories

SIRKit CEO, Kris Wilkinson, provides an update on the proactive steps SIRKit has taken to keep its community and clients safe while continuing to deliver managed IT services and Onsite IT Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Introducing SIRKit Pods - Managed IT Services Done Better

Posted 27 Nov 2019 in IT Security & Advisories, SIRKit Live

SIRKit is excited to announce the launch of Pods, a system that pairs the experience and skill set of a large team with the personal touch of a small managed IT support team. Pods were born from many conversations with client prospects. It became clear that the challenges facing business leaders who retain IT companies or resources were common regardless of size, industry, complexity and support needs. If any of the following scenarios are familiar to you, you need SIRKit Pods.

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Computer Security Tips for the Workplace

Posted 15 Aug 2019 in IT Security & Advisories

Computer security in a corporate environment is concerned with the security of physical computers (desktops, laptops, mobile devices) and installed software. It’s only one component of cyber security, which is concerned with the entire network, but it absolutely requires your attention. Today, we’re going to look exclusively at your hardware so that you can block yet another cyber crime gateway to your IT systems.

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How Microsoft’s Response to Canadian Election Concerns Speak to Their Value for Your Business

Posted 31 Jul 2019 in IT Security & Advisories

Canadian Minister of Justice David Lametti recently admitted that he is losing sleep over data privacy and 2019 federal election interference in Canada. Days later, Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould announced the Canada Declaration on Electoral Integrity Online before an international committee of politicians in Ottawa. The declaration is as it sounds, and takes aim at figuring out how best to protect citizens’ data privacy and democratic fairness in light of all that befell elections across the border on a fateful tail end of 2016. Governing bodies are calling upon tech giants (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon, Mozilla, etc.) operating in Canada to sign onto the declaration on electoral integrity, and yet to date not all have followed suit. Microsoft, however, has shown leadership by signing on.

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Top 5 Phishing Targets Your Organization Needs to Protect

Posted 27 Jun 2019 in IT Security & Advisories

Phishing surpassed ransomware attacks for the first time last year, and now shares the throne as a top cyber security threat to businesses to watch out for in 2019. While it’s an organization-wide concern, evidence shows that there are certain individuals and departments that have bigger bullseyes painted on them. And as you might suspect, Phishers are going after them in droves in order to access sensitive data and/or inject malware. Today, we are identifying these top targets so that you can recognize human resource vulnerabilities and take preventative action.

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3 Recent Cyber Attacks on Canadian Soil ~ A Wake Up Call for Your Business

Posted 13 Jun 2019 in IT Security & Advisories

In April of 2019, IT World Canada reported that despite the awareness of IT security risks, most Canadian organizations remain unprepared for a cyber incident, with 74% stating that they do not have a response plan that is applied consistently across their entire company. Among the organizations that do have a plan, 59% admit to not testing them regularly, or at all. It seems that press releases and statistical reports have little to no impact on corporate decision makers, which is why it’s important to look at current and tangible examples of attacks that have occurred on our own soil. From these attacks, we hope that you draw the clear conclusion that now is the time to take action to prevent the same from happening to your company.

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Why Your Business Needs Cyber-Security Insurance Too

Posted 24 May 2019 in IT Security & Advisories

Cyber crime prevention has headlined many articles in our blog, and for good reason given that the threat level is higher than ever. While a Managed Services Provider can protect you with enterprise level security solutions, another important layer of risk mitigation to consider is cyber-security insurance. Here's why.

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Why Use Bitlocker Drive Encryption

Posted 13 May 2019 in IT Security & Advisories

BitLocker Drive Encryption is a Microsoft data protection feature that integrates with your Windows 10 operating system and addresses the threats of data theft or exposure from lost, stolen, or inappropriately decommissioned computers. Simply put, should your desktop or laptop fall in the wrong hands for whatever reason, you will have some peace of mind when you’ve enabled this security feature. Below is a practical accounting of what you need to know.

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Why You Need a Cloud to Cloud Backup Plan

Posted 13 Apr 2019 in IT Security & Advisories

By now you know that your business should increase migration to the cloud in order to leverage the numerous productivity benefits, one of which includes data backup. But now here we are telling you that you need a cloud to cloud backup plan too? Redundant? You bet. Today we have detailed why cloud to cloud backup should be an essential mandate for your ongoing business operations.

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2019 Guide to Better Email Security for Any Business

Posted 28 Jan 2019 in IT Security & Advisories

Email security remains a top IT concern for businesses in Edmonton (and across Canada for that matter) entering 2019. The exponential increase of phishing attacks over the past year alone can be credited for this, especially after news broke that additional Yahoo and Gmail users were compromised in December. Here are 5 things your business needs to do for better email security in 2019.

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