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Technology in the Office Environment - Is Your New Space IT Friendly?

Posted 23 Nov 2018 in IT Security & Advisories, Pro-Tips & How-To

Modern businesses moving into a new office tend to forget about technology infrastructure. Here are 4 things you need to make your new office space IT ready.

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Managed Services + Cyber Security: A Match Made In Heaven

Posted 14 Nov 2018 in IT Security & Advisories

Small, medium, and large businesses alike benefit from managed IT services for many reasons. However, one of the most common gateways to the partnership is the critical need for cyber-security.

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Does Microsoft Offer the Most Secure Cloud Productivity Solution?

Posted 02 Nov 2018

A key part of our managed IT consulting services is devoted to helping our clients select and implement secure cloud solutions like MS 365. Here are 7 Reasons Why MS 365 May Be the Safest Cloud Based Bundle of Services for Your Business.

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IT Security Tips for Every Business - Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Posted 22 Oct 2018

Many businesses lack appropriate protection. Here are some important tips that can help keep your business and data safe.

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Why Small to Medium Businesses Need Managed IT Services

Posted 01 Oct 2018

What is managed IT? We define it as real-time technology management that is fully-integrated into your business to proactively protect, monitor, maintain, and support everything and everyone.

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Why Canadian Companies Need to Migrate to Cloud Hosting More Than Ever Before

Posted 11 Sep 2018 in IT Security & Advisories

We think all businesses can be leveraging cloud technologies to become stronger, faster and more resilient. Here are 7 reasons why your business needs to increase cloud adoption in 2018 and beyond.

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SIRKit Event: Protecting yourself and your business online

Posted 09 May 2018 in SIRKit Live

SIRKit will be hosting free security seminars in BC for business professionals.

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Two-Factor Authentication, What is it?

Posted 19 Mar 2018 in IT Security & Advisories, New Technology & Toys, Pro-Tips & How-To

Stay secure by using two-factor authentication on all of your web logins

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Laser printers use a lot of power! Be careful where you plug them in.

Posted 20 Feb 2018 in Pro-Tips & How-To

Do you have a laser printer or multi-function laser printer? If you do, make sure the circuit supplying power to the printer isn't shared with other equipment.

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Samsung SyncThru Web Service default Username and Password

Posted 09 Feb 2018 in Pro-Tips & How-To, Technical Solutions & Fixes

We had fun getting in touch with someone at Samsung who actually knew what we were talking about. As such, hopefully this saves you all some time.

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