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2019 Guide to Better Email Security for Any Business

Posted 28 Jan 2019 in IT Security & Advisories

Email security remains a top IT concern for businesses in Edmonton (and across Canada for that matter) entering 2019. The exponential increase of phishing attacks over the past year alone can be credited for this, especially after news broke that additional Yahoo and Gmail users were compromised in December. Here are 5 things your business needs to do for better email security in 2019.

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Why Migrate Email to Office 365 in 2019

Posted 21 Jan 2019 in New Technology & Toys

With the new year is upon us it's a good time to review why moving your e-mail services to Office 365 is a great way to improve efficiency, security, and team horsepower. To some extent you have likely heard of Office 365, but you may not know just how powerful Microsoft Exchange (the e-mail portion of Office 365) actually is.

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4 Cyber-Security Measures to Adopt in 2019

Posted 10 Jan 2019 in IT Security & Advisories

Approximately 350,000 new malware strains and other harmful programs are released every day. Here are four changes your business needs to make to reduce the risk of cyber crime in 2019.

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IT Budgeting and Spending Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Posted 31 Dec 2018 in Pro-Tips & How-To

Worldwide IT spending is projected to rise over 3 percent towards $3.8 trillion in 2019, with greater increases for enterprise software (over 8% growth) and IT services (nearly 5% growth).

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5 Signs It’s Time to Start Using Artificial Intelligence

Posted 23 Dec 2018

Recent data reports that more than 70 percent of consumers harbour some sort of fear of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Holiday Season Cyber Attacks to Watch in 2018

Posted 13 Dec 2018 in IT Security & Advisories, New Technology & Toys

With another record breaking holiday season of spending on the way, hackers are coming out of the woodwork in greater numbers too.

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PIPEDA Update Makes Security Breach Reporting Mandatory in Canada

Posted 29 Nov 2018

November 1, 2018, was the enforcement date of a new addendum to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), called the Electronic Documents Act (EDA). Here's what your company needs to know.

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Technology in the Office Environment - Is Your New Space IT Friendly?

Posted 23 Nov 2018 in IT Security & Advisories, Pro-Tips & How-To

Modern businesses moving into a new office tend to forget about technology infrastructure. Here are 4 things you need to make your new office space IT ready.

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Managed Services + Cyber Security: A Match Made In Heaven

Posted 14 Nov 2018 in IT Security & Advisories

Small, medium, and large businesses alike benefit from managed IT services for many reasons. However, one of the most common gateways to the partnership is the critical need for cyber-security.

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Does Microsoft Offer the Most Secure Cloud Productivity Solution?

Posted 02 Nov 2018

A key part of our managed IT consulting services is devoted to helping our clients select and implement secure cloud solutions like MS 365. Here are 7 Reasons Why MS 365 May Be the Safest Cloud Based Bundle of Services for Your Business.

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