Tech Talent Shortage in Canada and Why Businesses Are Turning to Outside IT Support

Like the looming oil and gas issues in Canada, there’s a different kind of crisis that is costing Canadian companies hundreds of thousands of dollars or more per year – tech talent. TechVibes reports that 2019 is the year that our country’s tech talent shortage will manifest itself across all levels of business. Studies find that local organizations are especially concerned about the invasion of foreign tech companies (Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Uber, etc.) who are armed with enterprise budgets to scoop up what limited talent supply there is. SMBs simply can’t compete.

The inevitable rise of digital transformation across all industries may make businesses more efficient in theory, but when the human resources aren’t in place to power it, opportunities quickly become threats and strengths become weaknesses. Today, we’re going to look at how the tech labour crisis affects your business, what your next course of action should be.

What You Need to Know About the Cyber Talent Crisis in Canada and What Your Organization Can do to Remain Competitive

Why You Can’t Wait It Out Any Longer

IT World Canada reports that steps are being taken to help solve Canada’s cyber talent shortage, citing that a 3-year $1.9 million federal grant will look at the development of a skills framework. This grant will also support certification and program accreditation standards, workforce development tools, and outreach activities to assist both skilled tech-related professionals and employers. While it’s great that the new program will “look at” opportunities to grow a highly specialized tech labor pool over the next few years, the initiative will do little to help your company today. And that leaves you extremely vulnerable to a wide number of threats.

For one, the growth in ransomware and phishing schemes is exponentially outpacing any initiative to educate and train new talent on how to combat them. By waiting for the industry to catch up, the likelihood of your business falling prey to an attack increases by the day. Just ask any one of these recent victims. In addition, recent updates to federal (PIPEDA) and international (GDPR) compliance initiatives exposes your business to punitive measures that can be just as damaging as a cyber attack. Then there’s the fact that your competitors are undergoing digital transformation at a record pace – if you don’t keep up you run the risk of losing your customers to companies that better leverage technology to satisfy their needs.

OK, so you admit that you can’t wait for the tech talent supply to meet your company’s own demands. But without an adequate talent pool to choose from, what are you to do? Seek support from a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Seek Co-Managed IT Support  

You may have IT personnel in place to manage day-to-day needs, but is it enough to address you security needs? Do they have the requisite skills to help your business leverage the tools needed to increase productivity, to keep you safe from advanced ransomware and phishing, and to ensure business continuity and data recovery (BCDR) in the event of a disaster? Given what we know about Canada’s tech talent crisis, probably not.

It’s important to note that it’s not anyone’s fault. The lack of tech talent is steeped in Canada’s educational system deficiencies with respect to IT and cyber training. To date the resources simply haven’t been there to help the country keep pace with rapid digital transformation. The good news is that your company can supplement its existing IT by partnering with an MSP, a firm that has the tools and an expert team in place. Below is an accounting of how partnering with an MSP will benefit your organization:

Seek Full Service IT Support

Your organization may have had no luck at all in securing the technical talent necessary to support your operations. In this case, you need an MSP to cover all of your bases. The risk of going it alone is high, especially if you want to keep ahead of cyber criminal and competitive threats alike. All of the co-managed support initiatives mentioned above can become the full responsibility of your MSP. We’re talking end-to-end accountability, something that business owners and CEOs like to hear. View our full suite of Managed IT Services, and/or contact SIRKit to set up a consultation.