Our History

Making IT Easy® 

SIRKit® was founded in 2008 to protect. We want to rid the world of conventional reactive services that impose unnecessary risk. As IT consultants, we offer effective proactive IT services that are simple, accessible, and focused on long-term relationships.
We want to be the last IT partner you ever have. 

Fun Facts

We started in a basement

Like many start-ups, we started at home. We've grown from 1 to 25 staff in 8 years.

Fourth location

We are currently situated in a gorgeous 6600sq ft office in Edmonton.

Growth by referral

For the first decade, we grew by referral only.

Meet Our Team

Our team is passionate about technology and naturally driven to develop simple solutions to complex problems. Customer service is our number one priority. We want to get to know more about what makes your team and business unique.

As IT consultants, we pride ourselves on communicating in simple terms rather than technobabble. We adapt to your needs, whether it's cybersecurity, Microsoft Cloud Solutions, or Managed IT Support. We'll always propose the right solution rather than the quickest fix or most expensive option.

A picture depicting IT services

We love Making IT Easy®

Contact us and experience why we've retained over 90% of our Managed IT clients for a decade.