Have you tried the new slim network cables yet? We love them.

Kris WilkinsonNovember 22, 2022

Everyone is familiar with network cables because we use them to connect devices every day. But did you know there’s a modern slim network cable available to connect devices less than 15 meters away? We love them, and you will too.

Slim vs Thick

Conventional network cables are typically constructed with 24 AWG copper wire. What does that mean? The lower the AWG, the thicker it is (sounds backwards, right?). Modern slim cables are typically 28 AWG, making them much thinner than their conventional counterpart.

Benefits of Slim Network Cables

  • They cost the same or less!
  • Better airflow in rackmount enclosures where many cables exist
  • Easier to carry around in your laptop bag (less bulky)
  • Less material is required to produce them
  • Very durable and flexible


  • Slim network cables are typically limited to 15 meters or less. If you need to reach a longer distance, use conventional cables,  which are rated for up to 90 meters.
  • Slim network cables support up to 30 watts of POE power. This should be sufficient for devices that require POE or POE+. If you need more, use a conventional cable.

Take Away

Slim vs Conventional CAT6 Network Cable

Since most of us use network cables less than 15 meters in length, slim network cables make complete sense. They come in various colours and lengths and are light, flexible, and cheap. The next time you purchase a network cable, make sure you grab a slim one.

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