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Laser printers use a lot of power! Be careful where you plug them in.

Posted 20 Feb 2018 in Pro-Tips & How-To

Do you have a laser printer or multi-function laser printer? If you do, make sure the circuit supplying power to the printer isn't shared with other equipment. For those of you not familiar with a "power circuit", it simply means equipment that is on the same circuit breaker. 

Laser printers, big and small, require a lot of power. The amount of power drawn while printing can cause a shortage to other equipment on the same circuit (also known as a brownout). Almost all electronics including televisions, computers, amplifiers, playstations, and even LCDs, are sensitive and can be damaged by brownouts. 

If your existing location cannot offer a dedicated circuit, we recommend protecting your other equipment with UPS technology. UPS systems offer surge protection and a built-in battery that will supply power if there isn't enough coming from the outlet. A typical UPS will offer 6-8 power outlets, half of them with battery+surge protection and the other half with surge only; do not plug your laser printer into the battery ports. 

General rules for laser printers:

  • Use a dedicated 20-amp circuit that isn't shared with other equipment
  • Use UPS protection for the other equipment if you cannot get a dedicated circuit
  • Only use the "battery" outlets on a UPS for equipment that does not draw a large amount of power

If you are in the process of building or renovating a home or office, make sure you talk with your electrical contractor and have dedicated circuits installed for your laser printers.  

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