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Introducing SIRKit Pods - Managed IT Services Done Better

Posted 27 Nov 2019 in IT Security & Advisories, SIRKit Live

Best Managed IT Services - Approach SIRKit Pods

SIRKit is excited to announce the launch of Pods, a system that pairs the experience and skill set of a large team with the personal touch of a small managed IT support team.  With Pods, our clients will be assigned to a dedicated Pod of 3-6 technicians. Each pod is industry-specific, allowing technicians to learn not only your business processes but even your line of business software. Any tech working on your account will have a deep understanding of your industry and more importantly, your own IT history. We believe Pods will deliver faster support, more effective results, and lead to stronger relationships with our clients.

What Led to the Creation of SIRKit Pods?

Pods were born from many conversations with client prospects. It became clear that the challenges facing business leaders who retain IT companies or resources were common regardless of size, industry, complexity and support needs. If any of the following scenarios are familiar to you, you need SIRKit Pods.

6 Most Common Frustrations Clients Have With Their Existing IT Company

Disappointing Tech Support - The most common complaint we hear from new clients. It’s worth asking why this is, are their support teams just inexperienced or is this disappointment a symptom of something else?

Tech Turnover - Whether your IT resources are on staff or contracted to an external party the problem remains the same. When “your tech” leaves, your network is left in chaos and the next tech needs to re-discover everything. 

Jargon - Techs commonly explain problems and solutions without any consideration for their audience. Your problem may stem from an over-provisioned hypervisor with the solution being load-balancing virtual machines across data centers, while true this techno-babble isn’t anchored to a business impact so it’s difficult to prioritize or budget for. 

No Perceived Value - Hidden behind the jargon, your IT team is (hopefully) doing work that positively impacts the business, but do you really know what that work is exactly? It’s difficult to justify an IT Budget if you don’t know what is actually coming from it. You should expect clear reporting on your inventory, your service work and a clear cost breakdown. Especially when outsourcing your IT support, your IT Budget should produce a clear return on investment. 

Broken Confidence - This is the result of disappointing service and a lack of perceived value. If your team has given up on asking a specific tech or even the entire IT Team for help, do you really have confidence in that team? Without total confidence, are you really getting what you’re paying for?  

Transactional Support - Do you know the names of the techs on your IT Team? More importantly, do they know your name? It’s expected when calling your cell phone provider or utility company that the person answering knows hardly anything about you. Being expected doesn’t make the experience any better. How much time could you save on every call if you didn’t have to explain your entire situation? 

Top 5 Features and Benefits of the SIRKit Pod System

Dedicated Support Team - You can call your pod directly, ... no phone trees, no hold times.  When you call, the tech who answers will already know you, your business, your staff, and your IT history. This means your support calls are faster and you have the confidence that the solutions are personalized to your business.  

Industry-Specific - Because SIRKit Pods are industry-specific, our techs learn both the technical and the business aspects of your IT. We’re able to draw on a greater experience supporting the software and processes that drive your business. 

Improved Tech Availability - With SIRKit’s Pods you’re supported by the entire team, not a single person. This means that Vacations and sick-days no longer impact the service and support your business receives. 

Eliminate Recruiting and Training - Thanks to the structure of SIRKit’s Pods, the departure of a tech support team member for any reason has minimal impact on your businesses. The Pod will continue to support your business and when a new tech is hired, the Pod will train them on the intricacies of your business. Our clients appreciate the effortless continuity offered by our team. 

High Retention – With Pods, SIRKit techs aren’t asked to juggle dozens of clients and their endless specifics. Our techs build relationships with your staff and share in your challenges and successes. These relationships build a sense of belonging and ultimately leads to higher retention. 

SIRKit Pods is the embodiment of our client commitment. Contact us today to discuss your Managed IT support needs and how you will benefit from Pods.

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