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How Microsoft’s Response to Canadian Election Concerns Speak to Their Value for Your Business

Posted 31 Jul 2019 in IT Security & Advisories

 Microsoft Security Canada

Canadian Minister of Justice David Lametti recently admitted that he is losing sleep over data privacy and 2019 federal election interference in Canada. Days later, Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould announced the Canada Declaration on Electoral Integrity Online before an international committee of politicians in Ottawa. The declaration is as it sounds, and takes aim at figuring out how best to protect citizens’ data privacy and democratic fairness in light of all that befell elections across the border at the end of 2016. Governing bodies are calling upon tech giants (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon, Mozilla, etc.) operating in Canada to sign onto the declaration on electoral integrity, and yet to date not all have followed suit. But among the few to do so, is Microsoft, which leads us to the point of this article.

Why Microsoft’s Sign On to Canada’s Declaration on Electoral Integrity is Analogous to What They Can Do for Your Business

A Record of Integrity 

We’re not in the business of managing general public data privacy, nor ensuring that federal elections are run without interference. We do however, provide expert level managed IT support and cloud services for businesses across Canada. In doing so, we connect clients to cloud based enterprise-grade productivity and security tools that they can trust. Microsoft is one vendor that has passed our extremely stringent vetting process, and their recent pledge to abide by the electoral integrity mandate speaks to their own integrity.

Microsoft has signaled their willingness to voluntarily tackle key problems that the Canadian public and politicians alike fear will threaten the democracy in Canada along with democracies around the world. The move runs parallel to what you can expect for your own company when subscribing to their SaaS solutions.

Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

It should come as no surprise that Microsoft stepped up so quickly to sign on to Canada’s Declaration on Electoral Integrity. After all, just weeks before they announced an ambitious software platform to make voting more secure. Immediately after, top U.S elections vendors expressed interest in incorporating the open-source software into their own voting systems and Canadian interests are sure to follow.

While this new open-source software does not apply to your business needs, the end product is rooted in Microsoft’s renowned Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) which is the womb from which the same SaaS you use (more on this below) is born. Among Microsoft’s Enterprise solutions, is MS 365 which is developed under SDL. View more on why MS 365 may be the safest cloud based bundle of services for your business. The graphic below outlines Microsoft's security development lifecycle:

Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle - SDL Steps

Tools That Will Protect Company Productivity and Security

Below is list of key MS 365 features and tools that will protect business productivity, continuity, compliance and security despite looming cyber threats:

  • Microsoft Secure Score - MS Secure Score is an enterprise-class dynamic report card for cyber-security which provides your company with ongoing assessments and recommendations that will (when acted upon) significantly reduce the risk of a breach. View more.
  • Microsoft Exchange - Office 365’s email service leverages AI and machine learning not only for better communication efficiency but for better email security and protection against malware and phishing schemes. View more.
  • Microsoft Teams - Phasing out Skype, Teams is a hub for team collaboration in Office 365. Teams integrates the people, content, and tools your staff needs to be more engaged and effective. It offers better back-end infrastructure, centralization, integration of 3rd party apps, and security and compliance. View more.

Your business can leverage the same powerful features, tools, and resources of Office 365 that Microsoft is applying to protect Canada's democracy. If you don’t have a subscription yet, contact SIRKit today. We can help you avoid the high cost of Enterprise products by offering monthly subscriptions of Office 365. Furthermore, as a Microsoft Certified Partner, you can use our in-house Canadian team for 365 support.

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