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Getting to Know Greenshot (Video): a Free Screenshot Software for PCs

Posted 09 Dec 2019 in New Technology & Toys, Pro-Tips & How-To

Greenshot 101 Tutorial - Video Transcript

Welcome to SIRKit Trail Markers, where we are making IT easy for you to get the most from your technology. Today, we'll be looking at Greenshot, a free screenshotting tool that lets you capture and annotate images from your desktop. Let's take a look at some of the basic features. 

Let's start by taking a screenshot. We can do this by pressing the Print Screen key. If you're on a laptop you may need to use the function key. There are many outputs for Greenshot, but today we will be looking at the image editor. Our mouse cursor is in the captured area. When this happens, Greenshot detects it and makes it easy to fix. You will see that the cursor is already selected so we can move it, or delete it. For now, I will delete it. 

We have also captured more of the desktop than we need for our image. We can use the crop tool to click and drag around what is important and hit enter when we're ready. 

Now let's draw some attention to the download button. We can use the rectangle tool to draw a box around it. The blue we have here is a bit hard to see so let's use the colour picker to choose something with a bit more contrast. If that's not enough, we can use the arrow tool to bring in a bit more focus. Perfect, now that we've finished editing our image we can either save it, or copy it to the clipboard for use in an email, or document. 

And just like that, you're on your way with Greenshot. There are many more features we will cover in future videos. For more information check the resources in the video description. 

Thanks for watching and we hope you will join us again. 

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