Jabra Evolve2 65 Headset
Jabra Evolve2 65 Wireless Headset Review
To help our partners, SIRKit typically tests new products in real-world scenarios before officially recommending them. Our process is simple, we assign new products to internal teams, and ask them to use...
Welcome to Windows 11 - Refreshingly Simple, Exceptionally Powerful
Windows 11 is here and your friends at SIRKit jumped headfirst into Microsoft’s new desktop operating system six months ago to review and test it out. Like any great Managed Services Provider, we...
SIRKIt-NHL-Playoff Pool
SIRKit 2022 Charity NHL Playoff Pool
We’re excited for playoff hockey and eager to spice up the rivalry! To support those in need and entice our clients to take on the hockey legends at SIRKit, we are hosting our First Annual Charity...
Best Managed IT Services Provider - Alberta - 2022
Best Managed IT Services Provider – Alberta 2022
We’re extremely excited to announce that SIRKit has been awarded Best Managed IT Services Provider – Alberta 2022 by Acquisition International. The Global Excellence award recognizes businesses with...
riskfactors resized
Risk Assessments and Why Your Business Needs One
If you are a business owner, you’re likely looking for ways to keep your business safe. One of the best ways to mitigate risk is to conduct a risk assessment. While risk assessments can extend to numerous...
Microsoft Edge
Have you tried Microsoft Edge yet? We highly recommend you do.
Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s latest browser, has met with skepticism from end-users. And with good reason- Internet Explorer was one of the lowest-performing browsers for a long time. Thankfully,...
What You Need to Know About Windows 11
Windows 11 was announced on Tuesday, October 5th, 2021. We’ve covered some of the excellent features of Windows 11 in a previous blog post. We’re rounding up even more of the new operating...
What is Smishing?
Received any suspicious texts lately? Smishing is the practice of sending fraudulent text messages claiming to be someone else (usually a company). This is another type of phishing. Smishing scams tend...
Businessman showing virtual security
What is Least Privilege, and Why is it Important?
The Principle of Least Privilege Least privilege is an essential tool in your cybersecurity toolkit. When appropriately utilized, least privilege can increase security for your organization. But what is...

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