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Managed IT makes business run smoothly

IT should just work. Like your vehicle, you shouldn’t have to worry about thousands of parts under the hood. It just needs to work, every day, all the time. 

You can attempt to fix and maintain the vehicle with ‘your guy’ OR enjoy the same benefits a Formula 1 driver has including an entire pit crew of specialists proactively monitoring and maintaining every aspect of the vehicle constantly making sure everything runs perfectly. 

Now imagine that Formula 1 crew saving you money. 

That’s what SIRKit can do for you.

Who is SIRKit?

We are a team of passionate nerds who monitor, maintain, support, advise and secure your information systems, ensuring your business is protected and always ready to go. We’re always watching, always helping, 24/7/365. 

We eliminate the hassle associated with internal staff. Not that there’s anything wrong with internal IT, except for hiring, firing, managing, benefits costs, equipment costs, vacation coverage, holidays coverage, ongoing training time and costs, on-call requirements, and a limited scope of experience. 

We eliminate the challenges by taking care of your entire IT department. Seriously. You get every position covered for a fraction of the cost to hire them all. 

IT isn’t a general skill

The “Jack of all trades” days are gone and asking your neighbour to take care of IT is likely a huge risk. IT professionals now specialize because there are simply too many areas to cover. The generalist is gone, and you need experts for computers, servers, networking, storage, security, cloud, software, web development, telephony, etc. 

Asking your desktop technician to set up a firewall or migrate your systems to the cloud, is potentially a huge mistake. Similarly, asking your phone company to install your server is probably a bad idea. A single mistake could result in a substantial breach and loss of critical data.  

Unless you’re prepared to hire at least three IT professionals and make a considerable investment in purchasing ticketing, automation, monitoring documentation and security systems, you should look at a Managed IT provider. 

When you work with SIRKit, you instantly gain access to experienced specialists from a team that has been innovating and constantly advancing its systems for 15 years.  

We have the experts, we have the required systems, and we have the processes in place to immediately begin protecting your business without a steep learning curve or considerable investment. 

To add even more value, all Managed IT clients are assigned a dedicated long-term vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) to assist your leadership team with long-term planning and strategy. Your vCIO helps build and maintain a project roadmap, report on problematic users and equipment, and assist your team with training and security awareness programs. 

Every minute lost, costs

IT systems are supposed to improve productivity, and they do. Has there ever been a time when you’ve had to wait for the computer to catch up because of some glitch?

Maybe it’s small, but picture this; if an employee has to wait one minute per hour, every day, how much does it cost you? If you bill at $150/hr, over the course of a year it adds up to $5,000 per year – per employee!

And that’s when everything is up and running! If your critical systems go down, the result is even more dramatic. Worse yet, getting hacked, ransomware, infiltrated or phished can bring your company down. More than 60% of companies that experience a severe breach don’t survive. 

Managed IT helps protect against both scenarios by implementing proactive processes, monitoring, maintenance, and helpdesk. It saves you money. 

Contact SIRKit and find out how we help keep your systems running smoothly, for a lot less than you think.

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24/7 Monitoring

24/7 computer, server, and network monitoring and alerting to keep your business safe and productive.

Priority Helpdesk

Experienced computer, server, and network technicians available to support you 24/7/365 and backed by SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

Endpoint Security Protection

Monitored ransomware, virus, and malware protection with AI and behavioral analysis for all computers and servers.

Server & Microsoft 365 Backups

Automated Teams, SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive Backups alongside local/offsite server backups secured by AES-256-bit encryption.

Preventative Maintenance

On-going patching, updates, and checks for computers and critical infrastructure to address vulnerabilities and stability issues.